Who We Are

WallMax® is a manufacturer of Multi Cable Transit solutions with accelerated growth globally. Thanks to the always growing importance placed on safeguarding precious human lives and equipment, Multi Cable Transit applications are in an expansion phase with strong demand for sealing solutions in diverse market segments.

WallMax® prides itself to be a supplier of high quality and reliability for sealing products catering to the needs of mutiple market sectors.

WallMax® strives to help its customers to deliver added value, productivity and most importantly confidence in the solutions that we provide.

WallMax® – Sealing Confidence

Our Multicolor Products are available worldwide.

Why Us

WallMax® products are certified by several classification society and tested in worldwide recognized laboratories.

WallMax® multi layers modules are capable to accommodate a wide range of cables diameters. Our modules are halogen free.

WallMax® frames are built with multiple wires capacity, thus reducing the space needed for the installation. They also allow for easy future expansion.