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SLVWR Sleeves are accessories and complements to WR frames.
Useful tools to secure passages and mount frames according to customer needs, they come in different sizes and materials to fit any WR size.

SLVWR Sleeves are available with or without a flange.

Available materials: primed steel, stainless steel AISI 316, aluminum, galvanized steel.


INNER (mm)
ø D
OUTER (mm)
ø D1
71 1130 0023 SLVWR 23 Primed 24 32 0.08 0.181
71 1130 0025 SLVWR 25 Primed 26 34 0.09 0.194
71 1130 0031 SLVWR 31 Primed 32 40 0.11 0.234
71 1130 0043 SLVWR 43 Primed 44 52 0.31 0.675
71 1130 0050 SLVWR 50 Primed 51 63 0.55 1.202
71 1130 0068 SLVWR 68 Primed 69.5 83 0.85 1.867
71 1130 0075 SLVWR 75 Primed 76.5 89 0.85 1.882
71 1130 0078 SLVWR 78 Primed 79 93 0.89 1.962
71 1130 0100 SLVWR 100 Primed 101 114 1.11 2.454
71 1130 0125 SLVWR 125 Primed 126 140 1.48 3.269
71 1130 0150 SLVWR 150 Primed 151 164 1.63 3.596
71 1130 0175 SLVWR 175 Primed 176 190 2.04 4.490
71 1130 0200 SLVWR 200 Primed 201 214 2.15 4.736
71 1131 0023 SLVWR 23 AISI 316 24 32 0.09 0.187
71 1131 0025 SLVWR 25 AISI 316 26 34 0.09 0.200
71 1131 0031 SLVWR 31 AISI 316 32 40 0.11 0.240
71 1131 0043 SLVWR 43 AISI 316 44 52 0.32 0.694
71 1131 0050 SLVWR 50 AISI 316 51 63 0.56 1.237
71 1131 0068 SLVWR 68 AISI 316 69.5 83 0.87 1.922
71 1131 0075 SLVWR 75 AISI 316 76.5 89 0.88 1.938
71 1131 0078 SLVWR 78 AISI 316 79 93 0.89 1.962
71 1131 0100 SLVWR 100 AISI 316 101 114 1.15 2.524
71 1131 0125 SLVWR 125 AISI 316 126 140 1.53 3.364
71 1131 0150 SLVWR 150 AISI 316 151 164 1.68 3.699
71 1131 0175 SLVWR 175 AISI 316 176 190 2.10 4.620
71 1131 0200 SLVWR 200 AISI 316 201 214 2.21 4.874
71 1132 0023 SLVWR 23 AL 24 32 0.03 0.064
71 1132 0025 SLVWR 25 AL 26 34 0.03 0.068
71 1132 0031 SLVWR 31 AL 32 40 0.04 0.082
71 1132 0043 SLVWR 43 AL 44 52 0.11 0.234
71 11320050 SLVWR 50 AL 51 63 0.19 0.417
71 1132 0068 SLVWR 68 AL 69.5 83 0.29 0.646
71 1132 0075 SLVWR 75 AL 76.5 89 0.30 0.653
71 1132 0078 SLVWR 78 AL 79 93 0.31 0.683
71 1132 0100 SLVWR 100 AL 101 114 0.39 0.849
71 1132 0125 SLVWR 125 AL 126 140 0.51 1.131
71 1132 0150 SLVWR 150 AL 151 164 0.56 1.234
71 1132 0175 SLVWR 175 AL 176 190 0.71 1.560
71 1132 0200 SLVWR 200 AL 201 214 0.86 1.896
71 1150 0023 SLVFWR 23 Primed 24 32 96 0.27 0.595
71 1150 0025 SLVFWR 25 Primed 26 34 96 0.29 0.635
71 1150 0031 SLVFWR 31 Primed 32 40 102 0.33 0.719
71 1150 0043 SLVFWR 43 Primed 44 52 110 0.52 1.153
71 1150 0050 SLVFWR 50 Primed 51 63 140 0.91 2.015
71 1150 0068 SLVFWR 68 Primed 69.5 83 155 1.25 2.760
71 1150 0075 SLVFWR 75 Primed 76.5 89 165 1.31 2.892
71 1150 0078 SLVFWR 78 Primed 79 93 168 1.35 2.976
71 1150 0100 SLVFWR 100 Primed 101 114 195 1.70 3.757
71 1150 0125 SLVFWR 125 Primed 126 140 213 2.09 4.610
71 1150 0150 SLVFWR 150 Primed 151 164 236 2.30 5.079
71 1150 0175 SLVFWR 175 Primed 176 190 255 2.73 6.019
71 1150 0200 SLVFWR 200 Primed 201 214 290 3.06 6.746
71 1151 0023 SLVFWR 23 AISI 316 24 32 96 0.28 0.617
71 1151 0025 SLVFWR 25 AISI 316 26 34 96 0.29 0.633
71 1151 0031 SLVFWR 31 AISI 316 32 40 102 0.32 0.703
71 1151 0043 SLVFWR 43 AISI 316 44 52 110 0.53 1.173
71 1151 0050 SLVFWR 50 AISI 316 51 63 140 0.93 2.050
71 1151 0068 SLVFWR 68 AISI 316 69.5 83 155 1.28 2.815
71 1151 0075 SLVFWR 75 AISI 316 76.5 89 165 1.38 3.036
71 1151 0078 SLVFWR 78 AISI 316 79 93 168 1.35 2.976
71 1151 0100 SLVFWR 100 AISI 316 101 114 195 1.74 3.829
71 1151 0125 SLVFWR 125 AISI 316 126 140 213 2.13 4.705
71 1151 0150 SLVFWR 150 AISI 316 151 164 236 2.35 5.183
71 1151 0175 SLVFWR 175 AISI 316 176 190 255 2.80 6.172
71 1151 0200 SLVFWR 200 AISI 316 201 214 290 3.12 6.885



WallMax S.r.l., a company incorporated under the laws of Italy, having its registered office at Corso di Porta Nuova no. 22, 20121 Milan, Italy (“WallMax” or the “Company”), as data controller, pursuant to Article 13 of the EU Reg. no. 2016/679 (“GDPR”), is committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of the Website users.

1. Data processing
This policy (together with other documents referred to herein) describes what personal data (“Personal Data”) the Company collects from the Website user and how it processes such personal data.
a) The Company may collect information on visits to the Website including, but not limited to, traffic data, location data, weblogs, contact forms and other communication data and the resources that the user may access.
This information will make the users’ visit to the Website easier in the future since the Company might suggest Content or Services depending on the location the user accesses the Website from.
b) The Company may collect all the information the user provides by submitting the contact forms (for example, “Contacts Us”), in particular name, surname, e-mail address, Tax Identification/Social Security Number, telephone number, Region, VAT Number, business name.
The provision of the personal information by means of contact forms is not a legal or contractual requirement; however, please note that all the data requests marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory, since the Company requires this information in order to fulfil and reply to the user’s request. Additional information or personal information can be discretionally provided by the user by filling the contact form. If the user contacts the Company, the Company may keep a record of that correspondence.
c) The Company may use personal information for direct marketing via e-mail, if this option has been accepted by the user in the relating contact form. The user may at any time opt-out of receiving future marketing communication.
d) The Company may also store cookies, as set out more in detail in the Cookie Policy.

2. Scope of the data processing

The personal data are collected and managed by the Company in order:
a) to customize Content or Services according to the user’s preferences;
b) to reply to the user’s request and questions and to keep the user informed by e-mail or telephone;
c) to send by e-mail further information or communication the user may be interested into;
d) to help the Company create, publish and improve the Content and Services in the most appropriate manner for the user;
e) to ensure that the Content and Services provided through the Website are delivered in the most effective manner according to the user’s devices;
f) to allow the user to interact with the Website, if the user wishes to;
g) to further develop and improve the Website, the Company’s Services and systems for a better customer satisfaction;
h) to process an order;
i) to conduct a transaction;
j) to handle a job application; and/or
k) to perform a market research.

The use of the information abovementioned is allowed by legal provisions on the protection of personal data, since it is necessary:
a) for the legitimate interests of the Company to pursue the abovementioned scope of the data processing; such interests, in any case, do not result in a conflict with the privacy rights of the users;
b) in some cases, to comply with legal and regulatory liabilities of the Company, for example in relation to communication obligation to the authorities, government and regulatory bodies;
c) in some cases, to fulfil of actions of public interest and, when the Company uses particular categories of personal data, or to engage, carry out and defend itself in legal actions, or when the data processing regards personal information manifestly of public domain;
d) in limited circumstances, on the basis of a case by case user’s consent such as, for example, when the user accepts to receive marketing news and communication by e-mail.

The Company does not take decisions only based on automated decision-making, including profiling, which may produce legal effects on the user or similar consequences.
The Company stores the personal data for a period of time necessary for the fulfilment of its legal obligations. The storage period of the personal data depends on the scope according to which the personal data are processed and on the instruments by means of which the data are treated.
However, it is not possible to indicate in this policy the estimate of the storage period of the personal data. The criteria used to determine the applicable period are strictly connected to the time (i) necessary for the accomplishment of the related scope, (ii) necessary for the completion of the business relationship with the user, (iii) accepted by the user and/or (iv) required by the applicable legal provisions.

3. Disclosure of information with third parties

To ease an efficient use of the user’s data, and to provide the user with the best service and/or opportunities, it may sometimes be necessary for the Company to share information with third parties. However, the disclosure will only occur in the following circumstances:
a) to suppliers, contractors and agents: the Company may engage or employ other companies and individuals to perform functions on its behalf. Examples may include hosting and/or maintenance of the Website content or supply of specific functions contained in the Website, supply of marketing services or economic updating required by the user. Such recipients will only have access to data required by them to perform their functions and are not permitted to use such data for any other purposes. These recipients will be subject to contractual confidentiality obligations;
b) to business partners with your consent to better fulfil your requests for products, information and/or services;
c) to judicial or governmental authorities, if and to the extent that the Company believes that they are legally entitled to request them.

4. IP address and cookies

The Company may collect information about the user’s computer or other electronic devices. This information may include (when available) IP address, operating system and browser type, for system administration. This is statistical data about the Company’s user’s browsing actions and patterns and does not identify the users or any individual.
For the same reason, the Company may obtain information about the user’s general Internet usage by using a cookies file which is stored on the user’s device. Cookies help the Company to improve the Website and to deliver a better and more customized service. For more detail about the use of cookies, please control the Cookie Policy.

5. Data transfer abroad

Personal data may be transferred and processed in one or more States within the European Union or outside the European Union. A transfer of personal data to a third country outside the EU may take place where the European Commission has decided that the third country ensures an adequate level of protection or where the Company has provided adequate safeguards to preserve the confidentiality of this information.

6. Data security

Although the Company endeavours to take all steps reasonably necessary to safeguard the personal data, please note that the transmission of information via internet is not totally safe and it is not possible to ensure a complete security of the personal data transmitted to the Website or to third parties; for this reason, any transmission of data occurs at the user’s own risk.
However, the Company applies strict operating procedures and adequate technical and organisational security measures in order to prevent any access, modification, erasure or unauthorised transmission of personal data.

7. Rights of the user

Articles from 15 to 22 of the GDPR grant the user, as data subject, certain specific rights, as indicated hereinbelow:
a) right to access and obtain a copy of the user’s personal data:
the user has the right to claim confirmation of the fact that the Company is processing any his/her personal data. In this case, the user can have access to his/her personal data and to some information regarding the processing. In some cases, the user can require to the Company an electronic copy of his/her personal data;
b) right to rectification:
in case the user is able to demonstrate that his/her personal data concerning are not correct, the user has the right to ask the updating or the rectification of the data;
c) right to be forgotten/ to erasure of the data:
in specific circumstances, the user has the right to obtain the erasure of his/her personal data. The request can be filed at any time and the Company will assess the possibility to accept the request. However, this right is subject to legal duties and obligations that may impose the conservation to the Company. In the event that, pursuant to the legal provisions, the request of erasure of the personal data may be accepted, the Company will proceed to erase the date without undue delay;
d) right to object:
although the user’s data processing by the Company is based on the legitimate interest of the Company (without any other reason for the processing), the user has the right to object to the processing modality of his/her personal data implemented by the Company in relation to the user’s specific situation;
e) right to withdraw the consent:
since the data processing is based on the user’s consent, the user is entitled to withdraw the consent at any time. The consent withdrawal does not affect the lawfulness of processing based on a consent formerly granted.

8. Modality of the exercise of the user’s rights

In order to exercise his/her rights, the user can submit an e-mail to the following e-mail address:
It is also possible to lodge a complaint regarding the data processing to the competent supervisory authority.

9.Marketing communications

The Company delivers marketing communications by e-mail only if the user has given his consent for this operation.
Usually, the forms used by the Company to collect personal data contain a checkable box to select when the user is willing to receive marketing communication. When marketing communications are sent by e-mail, the user can decide to not receive further communications by clicking on “Unsubscribe” or on the e-mail function to renounce to it. Moreover, it is possible to exercise the withdrawal right at any time by contacting the Company at the following e-mail address: and providing the following information: name, e-mail address, telephone number and the marketing communications the user is not willing to receive anymore.

10. Changes to this Privacy Policy

The conditions of this Privacy Policy may change from time to time. The Company will post any changes on this Website or will contact the users in alternative ways.

11. Contact

The Company informs that questions, comments and requests regarding this Policy must be submitted to the following e-mail address:
It is possible to request a copy of the mechanism regarding a specific transmission of personal data by contacting:

Last update: 25.05.2018.


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